IT Assessments & Advisory

For an objective look at your system.

IT Assessments & Advisory

Virteva’s consultants leverage their Design, Build and Run experience to provide an objective review of your systems, environment and processes. The result is a prioritized framework for ITIL and industry best-practice-based IT environment.

As consultants, we help appraise and frame information technology opportunities and problems while looking beyond immediate issues to position your IT platform for the future and to leverage the universe of Cloud-based services.

For remediation services, implementation services or managed services as a result, Virteva stands ready to deliver quickly and be engaged to manage the selected environments and be accountable long term.

Reasons for an IT assessment include:

  • Merger and acquisition or divestiture activity
  • System failures or security breach
  • An employee has recently resigned, and you want objective, third-party documentation of the current environment and the health of the systems
  • Slow application performance or intermittent network outages
  • You need a prioritized list of projects that will deliver the greatest value with the least investment
  • You are considering using managed services to deliver some of your IT systems
  • Leadership has asked for a benchmark of your current IT systems relative to cyber security threats and Cloud IT opportunities

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