ServiceNow Security Operations Management

Tackle security incidents with ServiceNow Security Solutions

Enterprise-level Expertise For ServiceNow Security Implementations

The ServiceNow Security Operations Management suite provides the tools necessary to thwart security attacks and respond to them faster. Teams gain visibility into their entire security posture and minimize time invested in manual processes. Security Operations provides a single platform for responding to incidents and vulnerabilities, and can enrich incidents with threat intelligence to further expedite response.

Finding the right implementation partner is crucial to properly deploying ServiceNow Security Operations Management. Because our experts implement and support the entire ServiceNow suite of products for businesses nationwide, we’ve earned unique insights that we bring into every deployment of ServiceNow Security Operations. We ensure every configuration meets industry standards and satisfies your specific business needs so you can get back to business faster.

Stand-Out Service

Put industry know-how to work with our Security Operations Management implementations

Real-World Security & Experience

  • Up-to-date ServiceNow enhancements
  • Customer-specific vulnerability imports and business rules
  • Quick-start accelerator packs

Business Process Expertise

  • Enterprise-level functionality
  • Customer-specific configuration
  • Integration with assorted tools

Technology & Industry Insight

  • Expert recommendations on evolving technology and its applications
  • Corporate, government, and healthcare implementation experience

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ServiceNow SysAdmins & Implementation Specialists

Custom Platform Modifications

ServiceNow Accreditations + Certifications

6 Month Average CSAT Score

Virteva is proud to be a Gold Services Partner with ServiceNow. With over 750 seats, hundreds of clients, and excellent customer satisfaction scores, we have earned our status as a preferred partner.

Security Operations Management Implementations Include:

With Virteva’s ServiceNow® Security Operations Management implementation, you get Security Incident Response (SIR), vulnerability management, and threat intelligence, as well as experts running SOCs, bulk vulnerability management and SIR workflows. Our real-world security experience gives us insight into enterprise-level functionality, specializing in customer-specific vulnerability imports, business rules, and integrations with multiple tools. Our seamless integration with incident response tasks, change requests, and problem management makes it easier to run your business securely.


Security Experts

  • Expert-run SOCs
  • Bulk vulnerability management
  • Security Incident Response (SIR) workflows

Integrations with ServiceNow

  • Qualys
  • QRadar
  • Splunk
  • Palo Alto

  • Taniun
  • Digital Defense
  • Tenable
  • Virus total


Security Incident Response

  • Platform for SOC/SIRT teams to test, execute, and audit security response plans
  • Event Management application integrated with third party threat detection systems
  • NIST SP 800-61 r2 best practices
  • Network and non-network incident response capabilities
  • Request automation between IT, end users, security teams

Vulnerability Response

  • Platform for managing vulnerability investigations and aligning remediation activites
  • National Vulnerability Database integration
  • Third party integrations with market leading vulnerability identification solutions
  • Seamless integration with incident response tasks, change requests, problem management

Your Partner for Phase II and Beyond.

ManagedNow. Comprehensive, flexible support and enhancement service for ServiceNow.

Success with ServiceNow doesn’t stop with an initial deployment. In fact, it’s the first step in the journey. Whether you need admin and configuration services, development and upgrade services, or an architect to develop and execute a roadmap, ManagedNow™ is the on-demand support option you need to maximize the return on your ServiceNow investment.

  • On-demand access to ServiceNow Architect, Development and Training resources
  • 24/7 administration and support services
  • Additional enhancements
  • Road map and value planning
  • ACE reporting and analysis for platform optimization

Tapping into resource capacity on-demand enables our customers to get the benefit of a wide range of skillsets operating under a proven DevOps delivery model without carrying the cost of full-time staff. Customer requests for service are managed through Virteva’s ManagedNow demand intake application. This enables customer stakeholders to easily categorize, prioritize, and approve requests against business priority, value, and budget constraints.

Our team is driven to make it easier for people to do their jobs by applying the most advanced business technologies to the real-world workplace in a practical, scalable way. To learn more about ManagedNow and our ManagedNow [info pack], click the “Learn More” button below!

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