ServiceNow ITSM Solutions

Powerful, Streamlined ServiceNow ITSM Implementations

ServiceNow ITSM for Better Everything.

Gone are the days of IT teams relying on fragmented tools, legacy systems, and manual processes.

Now you can…

  • Fully automate service management processes
  • Give your entire IT team real-time visibility into your service management processes
  • Increase your team’s productivity with built-in dashboards, analytics and a consumer-like, mobile-ready service portal
  • Prove IT’s value to executive leaders by providing hyper-responsive, 5-star service with the data to back it up.


All provided within the ServiceNow ITSM package.

[Organizations using ServiceNow] reduced IT work by 66% for their monthly volume of service and incident requests.*

*Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow, Forrester, 2017

With ServiceNow ITSM, you get a powerful, streamlined platform that helps you rapidly reduce costs, lower risk, improve business agility, and boost IT innovation.

We’re Not Just a ServiceNow Implementation Consultant. We Run our Business on it.

As a leading provider of outsourced IT managed services, Virteva faces the same challenges our customers do every single day. So like our customers, we must have the tools, processes, and capabilities to deliver best in class IT service – all the time, everywhere.

Since implementing ServiceNow over four years ago, we’ve invested thousands of hours to develop numerous best practices, third-party integrations, and analytics capabilities to support the entire spectrum of customer needs, and battle tested them across hundreds of clients. We bring this depth of expertise and experience to every deployment project.

Get the Most Out of your ServiceNow Investment

Download our Guide to Improving ServiceNow ROI and learn about the things you can do to increase the value of your ServiceNow Platform.

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ReadyDeploy™: Accelerate Your Path to ROI on the ServiceNow ITSM Platform

Since we “eat our own cooking” every single day, we’re able to start with best practices templates that condense the cumbersome steps present in most implementation projects: visioning workshops, design reviews, development iterations, etc. This allows us to invest more resources modifying the deployment to meet each customer’s unique needs. This approach increases transparency, speeds up the process, and lowers risk.

With Virteva’s ServiceNow® ReadyDeploy™, you get fully-configured Incident, Problem, Change, Knowledge, Service Request, Service Catalog, and a Self-Service Portal built on Virteva’s best practice ITIL processes–all delivered as a fixed-bid, in as little as 8 weeks. During your deployment, you’ll receive hands-on training with each application and collaborative sessions for administrators delivered by Virteva’s experts. In addition to the use of our best practice templates, we also provide upgrade-compliant configuration changes to each application and ensure the final product meets your organization’s specific needs.

Tailored ServiceNow ITSM Deployments Designed to Meet any Need

For many customers, a prescriptive and efficient deployment is exactly what they need to get up and running on ServiceNow. Others need a more tailored solution. Whether it’s white-glove project management, additional end-user training, advanced go-live and communications planning, or additional enhancements, Virteva will design an implementation solution to meet your specific requirements and timeline.


Accelerated path to ROI

  • Utilize battle-tested templates based on ITIL best practices
  • Complete deployment in as little as 8 weeks
  • Ongoing post-implementation support with ManagedNow™

Optimized Configurations

  • Ensure each module meets your specific business needs
  • Make upgrade-compliant configuration changes
  • Integrate the instance with existing tools

Training and Enablement

  • Get hands-on end-user training by Virteva experts
  • Engage in collaborative training sessions for administrators
  • Enable company-wide adoption

ServiceNow SysAdmins & Implementation Specialists

Custom Platform Modifications

ServiceNow Accreditations + Certifications

6 Month Average CSAT Score

Virteva is proud to be a Gold Services Partner with ServiceNow. With over 750 seats, hundreds of clients, and excellent customer satisfaction scores, we have earned our status as a preferred partner.

What Makes Virteva Different?

Virteva offers a unique set of capabilities to maximize the value of your ServiceNow instance.

Best practice templates based on 750+ ServiceNow seats and hundreds of clients


Innovative Approach: custom configurations, low risk, rapid ROI

24/7 ServiceNow platform support and on demand resources

Specialists in serving the unique needs of middle market clients


Nationally recognized ServiceNow partner, excellent CSAT scores, preferred partner status


Ability to partner long-term and offer additional services as you grow

The ServiceNow Platform is broad and powerful. But once you’ve implemented it, what should you do next?

We analyzed over 500 demands submitted across our entire customer base of ServiceNow users during the past six months to identify the most common use cases and provide insights and ideas to other ServiceNow users.

Download The Next Steps On Your ServiceNow Journey eBook and let us help you decide which step to take on your ServiceNow Journey.

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