Service Desk & Endpoint Management

Now, ServiceNow customers can say YES to fully managed and outsourced End User Computing Services


Introducing Virteva’s Service Desk & Endpoint Management Solutions:

Service Desk & ServiceNow Administration

By leveraging the flexibility of ServiceNow’s platform Virteva can seamlessly take on the role of the 24x7 Service Desk Operations and Service- Now administration; ensuring ITSM best practices are met and maximizing the value of their ServiceNow investment.

Endpoint Management

Empowering the Service Desk to do more means expanding their reach. Virteva’s EndPoint Management Service is a natural extension to any Service Desk model, leveraging the same core ITIL disciplines, tools and governance models in their pursuit to maximize end user satisfaction and productivity.

Virteva Highlights

  • Virteva’s Go-To-Market is exclusive to ServiceNow. 100% of Virteva’s ITSM workflow is managed on the ServiceNow platform by ITIL-certified and trained ServiceNow support agents.
  • Virteva’s target market is Mid to Enterprise clients (strong overlap with ServiceNow).
  • ServiceNow representatives can still achieve their revenue and logo credits by partnering with Virteva on opportunities
  • Virteva’s revenue comes after ServiceNow’s – Virteva is equally incented to close the ServiceNow license opportunity as quickly as possible
  • Virteva will not compete for the Services business. While Virteva has invested heavily in lowering the economic barrier-to-entry by way of pre-built options – Virteva does not position itself as a ServiceNow implementation partner. Virteva is a Service Desk and end-user computing service provider.
  • Virteva’s value-creation strategy is to expand the use of ServiceNow within our client’s businesses as a spear-head to providing more support and fulfillment services – increasing leverage (and license counts) within existing accounts.
  • Virteva and ServiceNow together can address a larger problem around Service Desk operations and end user computing.

Re-Imagine IT

Saying “Yes” to the future

Over the last several years we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the way consumers consume technology. Traditional IT models struggle with adapting to this change. Historically their world has relied on engineering and prescrip-tion: I build a tool and teach you how to use it. Now, due to technology consumerization… Inflexible systems cause a divergence from intended use cases making it difficult to support the fluid nature of human behavior.



Virteva and many technology leaders recog- nize that this ‘problem’ articulated above by Gartner, is not really being a problem at all; but quite seriously a great opportunity. It opens the door to capitalize on the benefits of this changing landscape by eliminating legacy IT support models that are unable, or unwilling, to adapt and reinventing them- selves as a service-centric organization. It’s time to start saying YES!

Who We Are

Virteva provides world-class Service Desk and Endpoint Management Services for mid-market to enterprise clients.

Virteva’s operating model leverages the Service-oriented, SaaS-delivered cloud architecture from ServiceNow to help redefine the value-equation for IT. Virteva’s ServiceDesk Solutions provides both pre-built and customized instances of ServiceNow empowering our clients with options to choose the best Service- Now implementation approach for their organization.

Headquartered in the Minneapolis and serving customers worldwide, Virteva services help our customers say “Yes” to the wide spectrum of information technology demanded by their business, employees and customers, securely and reliably, anyplace and anytime.

Today’s dynamic range of IT business technologies requires saying “Yes” to the cloud of Devices (tablets, smartphones and mobile end-user technologies) Servers (virtual compute, storage and networks) and Services (SaaS, collaboration and social media).

Saying “Yes” on a 24x7 basis, Virteva’s state-of-the-art Operations Center runs on ITSM best practices and tools from ServiceNow, Cisco, Microsoft and other leading technology providers.

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