Next Generation Service Desk

THE NEW APPROACH TO IT SUPPORT: Let the specialists do it


The fast-paced change in the Information Technology field means that IT-related tasks are best left to specialists. Information Technology outsourcing and Managed IT Services are growing at a rapid rate in the United States because businesses understand that it’s a strategic way to achieve goals, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Just as your company currently outsources such services as legal, payroll, and HR services, managed IT Services simply extends the “have a specialist do it” mindset to another critical internal function that is many times too cost-prohibitive, complex, and unwieldy to manage with in-house resources.

Virteva’s Service Desk Outsourcing Service is a comprehensive solution that provides everything needed to support your End User Computing environment. Companies of all sizes and vertical markets can benefit from Virteva’s Service Desk Solution.

Unless you enjoy replacing staff every 93 days.

Service Desk Services


24 x 7 or 5:00pm – 9:00am, but always 365

Virteva never sleeps
Virteva specializes in providing 24x7 live Help Desk/Service Desk support.

When your lights go off, ours go on!
When your in-house service desk shuts down, just flip a switch to link up to ours. We’ll cover all of your non-business hours so your IT staff doesn’t have to worry about evening or weekend emergencies.

FULL OR PARTIAL COVERAGE, Virteva delivers fixed-fee monthly managed IT services, financially backed by industry leading Service Level Agreements with performance guarantees.

Data Mining

Let Virteva discover the gold in the dross of your IT issues.

While any MSP can solve IT problems, Virteva takes it a step further and analyses your IT support tickets, searching for recurring issues and patterns. In this way, we can identify systemic problems and assist your company in developing organization-wide solutions.

Cost – Benefit Curious?

Trim your IT Expenditures by 25% or more

The services Virteva provides allow businesses to utilize specialized expertise that would otherwise be too expensive to maintain in-house. Virteva offers access to teams of IT professionals that provide both ongoing and critical point-in-time support for the most prevalent IT systems in production today. Gain a technological edge over your competition.

By leveraging the economies of scale and the economies of skill from Virteva, our customers gain access to not only a Help Desk to address problems, they also gain access to an enterprise-class technical Service Desk at a fraction of the cost. Costs such as recruiting, training, vacation, sick days, and turnover, as well as investments in deploying tools and processes, are partially or completely avoided when using Virteva’s Managed IT Services.

A study by CompTIA, Trends in Managed Services, revealed that among current users
of managed IT services, 46 percent of firms have trimmed their annual IT expenditures by 25 percent or more as a result of their shift to managed services.

How We Help Customers

Service Desk Diagram

As your Single Point of Contact for all End User Computing related issues, Virteva takes pride in our Managed IT Services expertise, and in the level of knowledge we have about each of our customers’ businesses.

Virteva’s Service Desk team offers many valuable business advantages:

  • Our 70% First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate, and our Service Desk engineers are considered a Level-2 or Level-3 support team in many organizations
  • Our customers experience 25-percent plus savings verses traditional staffing models
  • We provide Service Desk reporting and analytics highlighting recurring pain points
    in your organization along with proven remediation options
  • We record every call for training, quality and trend analysis for compliance purposes
  • We have a state-of-the-art Cisco Call Manager environment that efficiently managed our call handling procedures
  • We leverage Calabrio One suite for quality management and reporting analytics
  • Bi-directional integration of Incident Management allows us to become a virtual extension of your IT team
  • We can remotely control end user devices if necessary
  • Our proactive use of Knowledge Management allows us to support the requirements of each customer and basic questions for their unique line-of-business applications
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