Tornier - Managed Service Desk


  • Providing consistent support to the newly formed global user base – Four years ago, Tornier was made up of three disparate country sites and IT organizations. Virteva assisted Tornier with the consolidation of the Network, Active Directory, and Exchange. Once this was accomplished, the need to provide consistent support to the Tornier end users became obvious. They needed to ensure each user received the same support experience regardless of location.


  • Virteva was able to provide that global 24/7 service desk while maintaining escalation to Tornier’s Level 2 as needed – the Virteva Service Desk integrated seamlessly with Tornier’s France onsite Team, Tornier’s in-house Onsite Support, and Tornier’s Infrastructure/Applications teams.
  • Virteva’s ServiceNow Instance – We have also discussed the benefits of moving to Virteva’s ServiceNow instance at some point in the future, thereby giving Tornier access to more functionality and expertise on the ITSM tool.


  • Consistent Support – Moving to Virteva for Managed Services has allowed Tornier to provide consistently strong service levels and support to their end users.
  • 24x7 Global Service Desk – Tornier now has a 24x7 Global Service Desk servicing the US (three offices and over 150 field locations), Ireland, Canada, and Japan, and has a model in place where adding more countries will be seamless.
  • Service Account Manager – Tornier has regular contact with our Virteva Service Account Manager to understand the SLA performance and also discuss any challenges faced by either party – a very open forum which works to ensure SLAs are kept consistently strong.

Tornier Case Study

Global Medical Devices

Tornier is a global medical device company intently focused on surgeons that treat musculoskeletal injuries and disorders of the shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, ankle and foot.

Virteva Managed Service Desk

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