Outsourcing your way.

SelectSourcing™: Custom Managed IT Services

Virteva’s SelectSourcing™ framework helps you configure the managed IT service solution to fit your specific business needs by leveraging internal resources and best-in-class service providers.

Selective outsourcing, or SelectSourcing™, is a pragmatic approach to delivering Multi-Sourced Managed IT Services. Whether you choose a single application, your entire IT infrastructure or something in between, Virteva can implement the optimal mix of providers and services to create the efficiencies of scale that drive your IT costs down and drive your business forward.

Freedom in a Framework

Unlike traditional IT outsourcing models, SelectSourcing™ is designed to keep you in control of your technology environment. Rather than asking you to hand over your entire IT workload, Virteva helps you choose which part of the technology environment to source externally, and then we help you decide how, and to what extent, you share responsibility with Virteva and other service providers. Whether you need onsite or remote management, whether you want to offload all or part of your IT environment, Virteva will build a SelectSourcing™ solution that meets your specific business requirements.

By utilizing this approach to IT service delivery, your staff can focus on business innovation rather than IT maintenance and your budget will be more stable and predictable over a longer period of time.

Service Integration: Bringing IT All Together

SelectSourcing™ will help you make IT work better and cost less.

Virteva serves as a single point of accountability so you can gain best-in-class capabilities using leading service providers and internal resources.

SelectSourcing™ Includes:

  • Operating level agreements
  • Customized governance framework
  • ITIL-based service delivery processes
  • Best-in-class service providers
  • IT outsourcing contract negotiation
  • Ongoing SLA management
  • Business and IT analyst services
  • Compliance management

SelectSourcing™ Benefits:

  • Reduced IT spend
  • Increased system availability
  • Service Level Guarantees
  • Predictable monthly fees
  • Focus diverted to innovation rather than IT maintenance
  • Imbedded IT Systems Management (ITSM) Framework
  • Retain key employees by promoting them to more strategic roles

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