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The Security Operations Management suite in ServiceNow provides the tools necessary to thwart security attacks and respond to them faster. Teams gain visibility into their entire security posture and minimize time invested in manual processes. Security Operations provides a single platform for responding to incidents and vulnerabilities, and can enrich incidents with threat intelligence to further expedite response.

Our real-world security experience gives us insight into enterprise-level functionality, specializing in customer-specific vulnerability imports, business rules, and integrations with multiple tools. Our seamless integration with incident response tasks, change requests, and problem management makes it easier to run your business, securely.


Stand-Out Service

Business Process Expertise

  • Enterprise-level functionality
  • Customer-specific configuration
  • Integration with assorted tools

Real-World Security & Experience

  • Up-to-date ServiceNow enhancements
  • Customer-specific vulnerability imports and business rules
  • Quick-start accelerator packs

Technology & Industry Insight

  • Expert recommendations on evolving technology and its applications
  • Corporate, government and healthcare implementation experience

Implementations include:

Security Experts

  • Expert-run SOCs
  • Bulk vulnerability management
  • Security Incident Response (SIR) workflows

Security Incident Response

  • Platform for SOC/SIRT teams to test, execute, and audit security response plans
  • Event Management application integrated with third party threat detection systems
  • NIST SP 800-61 r2 best practices
  • Network and non-network incident response capabilities
  • Request automation between IT, end users, security teams

Vulnerability Response

  • Platform for managing vulnerability investigations and aligning remediation activities
  • National Vulnerability Database integration
  • Third party integrations with market leading vulnerability identification solutions
  • Seamless integration with incident response tasks, change requests, problem management

Integrations Available

  • Qualys
  • QRadar
  • Splunk
  • Palo Alto
  • Taniun
  • Digital Defense
  • Tenable
  • Virus Total

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