Infrastructure Management

Management from the ground up.

SLA-Based, 24/7, Hybrid Systems Management

Virteva provides IT infrastructure management (customer premises, Third Party Colo – Data Center, Cloud) with our 24x7 Operations Center and Service Desk complemented by technicians and consultants dispatched on-demand or deployed on customer site. Virteva’s state-of-the-art blend of people, process and technology deliver SLA-based consistent, fixed-fee support for the IT systems that run your business.

Virteva has expertise in running IT systems regardless of their location. We use a suite of the best monitoring and infrastructure management tools to proactively alert us 24/7 for issues that could impact the health of your systems. Our technicians can remotely diagnose your systems and take appropriate action. Supported systems include servers, routers, firewalls, load balancers, switches, direct attached storage, network attached storage and storage area networks in addition to backup systems.

When on-site resources are needed, Virteva has a network of over 20,000 technicians world-wide that can provide the required levels of hands-on support in combination with ‘air-cover’ from our 24x7 staff and remote access tools.

Public Cloud and Third Party Data Center Management

Businesses today need a secondary datacenter facility. Whether it’s for disaster recovery, high availability, business continuity or geographic load balancing, the need exists for a single rack, multiple racks, a cage or an entire facility to locate some or all of your critical IT systems.

Virteva will perform the needs assessment, craft RFPs on our customer’s behalf and help choose the most appropriate solution to complement their internal assets and meet their needs. Once a Cloud provider or Data Center is selected, Virteva can design the IT systems to take advantage of this new mode of capability, create the project plan to make the conversion, and execute the project. For those customers who choose not to acquire and retain the operations expertise Virteva can run part or all of the operations after the conversion has taken place.


Virteva can provide the appropriate mix of managed services and manage all or a part of your infrastructure to perfectly compliment your internal and other vendor partners capabilities. Our sophisticated ServiceNow-based ITSM platform support any part of the ITIL service support processes.

Eliminate outages before they even happen!

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