Event & Device Management

Our monitoring, your way.

Best-Practice-Based Event and Device Monitoring

Virteva works with your existing IT environment to provide Event and Device handling and monitoring, 24/7. Configured to industry best-practices and with regular reporting capabilities, our services enable you to improve your system long-term while we manage short-term issues.

Event Handling Services

When events are generated from your IT Infrastructure monitoring system, we receive an email alert and enter the event into our ticketing platform. Upon review and classification, the event is promptly escalated to relevant Customer-identified contacts to enable advanced troubleshooting actions to proceed. With dedicated, client-specific event handling instructions already populated within Virteva’s Knowledge Base, customers are able to provide knowledge updates as needed.

Device Monitoring Services

Virteva can configure monitoring on your specified host devices to suite industry best practices, using your own device monitoring collectors, such as a Windows physical server or VM, installed and configured in your environment. This enables continuous improvement and analysis of host device thresholds and filters for event optimization.

Dedicated, client-specific event handling instructions are populated within the Knowledge Base, with 24/7 Event review and classification in the Virteva ITSM toolset. Events are reviewed and escalated to Incidents as required, with relevant handoff to your identified contacts to enable advanced troubleshooting.

Customers receive monthly reporting and analysis of event counts, types, and response times. With this information, our customers are able to gauge process areas that may require further attention in order to prevent similar event types in the future.

A single issue can create thousands of events.

Learn how customers effectively manage business service availability and performance with service-aware event management.

Legacy event management tools aren’t up to the task. Learn how a fully service-aware event management environment is essential to delivering the service availability and performance that customers demand.

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