Virteva University

A Clear Path to Expertise.


Virteva is proud to offer a unique education program to our employees, designed to further their technical, personal, and career development.

“How do I get there?”

The question of “How do I get to a place of expertise?” is what Virteva University wants to answer for Virteva’s employees. In certain technical disciplines, there are so many courses, certifications, and activities a learner could do. Virteva University cuts through the noise and puts interested employees on a clear and focused path. They’ll take only the courses they need, balanced with active practice and creative learning opportunities.

At the same time, the available disciplines, or “majors”, are aligned with Virteva’s most in-demand services. Through Virteva University, Virteva will remain a leader with more trained staff ready to deliver visionary technology and services.

How Virteva University Works

Virteva University launched in June 2015 and was designed by Virteva from the ground up. We leveraged our existing technical experts and data from our service portfolio to build curriculum in four technical disciplines. Tiers were drawn in to each technical discipline to properly pace the program:


Certain foundation programming enhances all technical disciplines to acknowledge the fact that technical expertise doesn’t make the up the whole of development. Required Customer Service & Technical Support, Project Management, and Leadership coursework was curated for Virteva University as well.

What Virteva University Does for our Customers

Not only does Virteva University add to the fact that Virteva is a great place to work, it ensures that Virteva is a great partner to work with. Virteva invests in its employees to ensure quality delivery of its services by an educated and engaged group of people.

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