Cloud Transformation

The new standard.

Solutions for IT demands today.

Virteva offers sensible and agile solutions for cloud transformation, built on our solid project and operations frameworks that include expert consultants, operations team, tools and facility.

We work across the entire Cloud IT lifecycle, from assessment, design, migration and deployment to ongoing management and security.

  • Assess target workloads and use cases. Develop required migration, risk mitigation and management plan.
  • Select, integrate and migrate to the appropriate third party data center services, public and private cloud services and network connectivity.
  • Manage global Cloud infrastructure 24/7 for any combination of production, development or disaster recovery applications.

The term ‘Cloud’ has morphed as the technology concept it initially labeled has matured. Cloud IT is the shorthand description for the new IT infrastructure environment that has become standard. Cloud IT is the combination of externally and internally sourced infrastructure and services that organizations now leverage to enable them to be more agile and spend less time focused on the ‘plumbing.’

Refocus. Recapture.

Download our white paper and learn how you can change the way your business does IT.

IT is an ever-changing and evolving field. No field is immune, and it’s a constant battle to keep up with the latest trends. But with the right partner, it’s easier than ever to stay apprised of new developments and how they can be put to work for you. You have the power to change the way you work and we have the recipe. Click the button below to download our white paper “The New IT Imperative” and learn how your business can recapture lost productivity by changing the way people work.

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