A Preferred Calabrio Deployment Partner

Creating Transformative Customer Experiences

Revolutionize your customer experiences with Calabrio implementations and integrations.

Virteva is not only a preferred implementation and services partner for Calabrio. We’re a proud customer, too.

We use Calabrio every day in our 24/7 service desk to proactively manage over 350,000 customer cases and interactions annually, while simultaneously working to reduce case volume and improve customer experiences over time.

Calabrio enables us to look beyond surface level SLA and KPI data to identify underlying trends and interactions that impact customer experiences. With predictive voice call analytics integration and workflows, and escalation trending and analysis tied to Quality Management, we uncover the data we need to support a culture of continuous improvement.

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ServiceNow CSM and Calabrio: Better Together

When you integrate Calabrio with ServiceNow, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The analytics and predictive staffing that Calabrio supports is a perfect complement to ServiceNow’s ability to automate workflows.

For instance, Calabrio’s screen capture and call recording functionality links to cases in CSM, resulting in more robust case data which can be used for quality management, training, analysis, and more.

Virteva’s expertise in ServiceNow and Calabrio
helps ensure you find success in both platforms.

As both a deployment partner and customer of ServiceNow and Calabrio, Virteva provides a level of deployment expertise and ongoing support that single-focus providers cannot.

We take a comprehensive approach to customer service that integrates the three factors of success: the customer experience, the internal processes behind the experience, and the technology that facilitates it all.

When Virteva helps you leverage CSM, you will:


Integrate your customer service tools across departments


Build and automate workflows that get the right people involved right away


Treat the root cause of customer issues, not just the symptoms


Increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiency

Adding the CSM solution to your organization’s
IT roadmap is easy and low risk.

If your organization already uses ServiceNow for IT, or they’re thinking about moving to ServiceNow, then
adding CSM to your organization’s IT roadmap is a streamlined and low risk process.

Virteva is a nationally recognized ServiceNow partner. We serve over 230,000 end-users annually while maintaining enterprise-tier Customer Satisfaction scores and a net promoter score of 84.

What’s Your As-a-Service?

Whatever the vision, Virteva brings the tools, expertise and resources needed to make it a reality so you can focus on the bigger picture: running the business.

Virteva’s state-of-the-art operations center is based in Minneapolis, MN and runs on ITSM best practices and tools from ServiceNow®, Microsoft, Cisco, and other leading technology providers.

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