Virteva & 10 Years of Good Luck

logo-10-years10 years is a humbling milestone for any team. Lots of hard work and some good luck is required.

Funny how things work out – one door closes and a few more open. Virteva exists because of the sale of a previous business. Agiliti was our dotcom (mis)adventure that we managed to salvage into a very good managed hosting services business. In January of 2005 we found ourselves with the opportunity to sell the business but the buyer didn’t want the small consulting practice part of the business. So, with 2 weeks until closing, instead of the turmoil and expense of laying off this team, we suggested that we’d create a new company to carry on those paychecks and customer obligations – Good luck at the get-go, and we needed a name, quick.

Virtualization was the hot trend at that time and ‘virtual’ ended up serving as the basis for the name that my friend and marketing guru Graeme Thickens came up with: Virteva. Good luck in both having talented friends and the URL was available, so off we went.

Virteva started as a consulting company focused on enterprise infrastructure technology projects and a strong partnership with the premier technology vendors including Microsoft. Within a few years we had a thriving project-based consulting business.

And then a perfect storm of good and bad luck hit in 2008. The recession of 2008 hit IT hard, the subsequent ‘resigned’ sale of Virteva fell thru, and the cloud thing started happening. With an empowering feeling of nothing to lose we saw a new door opening and went after the managed services business.

It was clear that nearly everything about IT was changing and we were in a great spot to be thought leaders and contribute to that change. Maybe the biggest change was the blurring of business and personal technology and the always-on 24×7 access, multiple mobile devices, SaaS, social and collaborative technologies. The resulting ‘surface area’ and risk exposure was more than most companies were equipped to support. Contrary to the ‘old days,’ IT couldn’t say no anymore.

The other compelling thing for me was that I’ve always enjoyed helping make technology work for people and businesses – helping with those curiosity-driven ‘aha’ moments wherein the user figures out how tech can serve them, or helping out in those panic driven ‘oh crap’ moments when the user thinks tech is the worst idea ever. So delivering managed services with a particular focus on making it work for users was a natural.

Couldn’t have written the script but 10 years in and we are in a great spot. We have a fantastic team providing 24×7 support for a wide aperture of technologies that not only services, repairs, upgrades and teaches, but can also analyze, design and build the constantly evolving platforms using the cloud of services and devices available today. More important are the long term relationships now afforded us with our managed services customers wherein they are able to focus on their businesses and we keep the technology running, and their users smiling. At the core is the great team here at Virteva growing jobs, careers and friendships…good luck for sure.

In my opinion there has never been a better time to be an IT user, or provider. We are looking forward to the next 10 years.