Oh, the Places You’ll Go at Virteva

Holly-PetersenThere’s something I often proudly mention about my career at Virteva: I started on the Service Desk.

Actually, this is something you’ll hear from a lot of people if you walk around Virteva, through the Engineering, Research & Development, and Onboarding teams. Lots of “Virtevans” started taking support calls for our customers on the Service Desk, solidified their knowledge of the business, specialized in technologies and moved into new roles.

As fellow employees watch their peers move into a role as a Messaging Engineer, or when I left the Service Desk to become a Training Specialist, issues may arise as they wonder, “How do I do that? How do I get there?”

There was never a great answer to that question. It can be hard to put into words or sequence the exact actions to take, books to read, coursework to take, or certifications to get to move to the next level. And if you did set out on your own to get there, you might have a meandering plan or no support system in place.

We sought to change that early this year with Virteva University. The program kicked off in February 2015 and was created as a way to enrich the technical, personal, and career development of our employees – and answer that question: “How do I get there?”

VU-badgeVirteva University had to meet the objectives of:

  • Providing employees a clear path to knowledge and expertise
  • Provide a way for employees to achieve independent of job title
  • Provide Virteva with more trained staff ready to deliver our most in-demand services

The program advisory team is made up of various technical professionals at Virteva at all levels. They worked to launch Phase I of the program in June 2015 and plan to launch revisions and Phase II coursework in December 2015.

What does the path to expertise look like?

The coursework at every level is a mix of required online learning via our LMS platform and other Partner Sites, Instructor-led training and sessions, technical community involvement, and certifications. The coursework was curated by mature technical staff at Virteva and is closely monitored for quality, relevance through learner, managerial, and subject matter expert feedback.

There are many hours of coursework and activities to complete and it requires learners to be committed, motivated, and supported throughout the process.

Currently, Virteva University is made up of four technical disciplines that our learners can “major” in:

These technical disciplines target Virteva’s most in-demand services. Employees gain expertise and the ability to expand their careers at Virteva, and Virteva gains trained staff ready to deliver services.

Virteva’s customers simultaneously reap the benefit of quality service delivery by an educated and engaged group of Virteva employees.

Virteva University believes that quality service delivery cannot be exhibited through technical knowledge alone. The program builds in several areas in which learners gain skills related to Customer Service, Project Management, and Leadership entitled “Virteva Foundations”. This guarantees our graduates are the whole expert, ready to take on more than just technical challenges.

We are so proud to offer a clear path to expertise to our employees. Virteva University is one of many benefits our great staff receives and it has been an absolute honor to manage its creation. Virteva University will enhance our tradition of promoting from within and offering expert support and service to our customers.

-Holly Petersen, Training and Development Specialist at Virteva