Saying “Yes” 24×7…

…across a wide spectrum of devices and services, Virteva’s
Operations Center runs on ITSM best practices and tools
from Microsoft, Cisco, ServiceNow and other leading
technology providers, and is further supported by our
team of senior consultants.



Now, ServiceNow customers can say YES to fully managed and outsourced End User Computing Services

Service Desk & ServiceNow Administration

By leveraging the flexibility of ServiceNow’s platform Virteva can seamlessly take on the role of the 24×7 Service Desk Operations and ServiceNow administration; ensuring ITSM best practices are met and maximizing the value of their ServiceNow investment.

Endpoint Management

Empowering the Service Desk to do more means expanding their reach. Virteva’s Endpoint Management Service is a natural extension to any Service Desk model, leveraging the same core ITIL disciplines, tools and governance models in their pursuit to maximize end user satisfaction and productivity.

Together the Service Desk and our Endpoint Management Solution form a comprehensive framework that provides everything needed to support your End User Computing environment. Features include 24×7 live Help Desk/Service Desk support, PC and Mac management, Malware, Spam and Virus protection, Windows™ and application patches, mobile device support, backup services and more.

Virteva Highlights

  • 24×7 live Help Desk/Service Desk support
  • PC and Mac management
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Malware, Spam and Virus protection
  • Windows™ and application patches
  • Mobile device support
  • OS Image Management
  • Backup services
  • Secure Remote control
  • Optional IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services
  • 70% First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate
  • and more

Re-Imagine IT

Saying “Yes” to the future

Over the last several years we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the way consumers consume technology. Traditional IT models struggle with adapting to this change. Historically their world has relied on engineering and prescription: I build a tool and teach you how to use it. Now, due to technology consumerization… Inflexible systems cause a divergence from intended use cases making it difficult to support the fluid nature of human behavior.



Virteva and many technology leaders recognize that this ‘problem’ articulated above by Gartner, is not really being a problem at all; but quite seriously a great opportunity. It opens the door to capitalize on the benefits of this changing landscape by eliminating legacy IT support models that are unable, or unwilling, to adapt and reinventing them- selves as a service-centric organization. It’s time to start saying YES!

Who We Are

Virteva provides world-class Service Desk and Endpoint Management Services for mid-market to enterprise clients.

Virteva’s operating model leverages the Service-oriented, SaaS-delivered cloud architecture from ServiceNow to help redefine the value-equation for IT. Virteva’s ServiceDesk Solutions provides both pre-built and customized instances of ServiceNow empowering our clients with options to choose the best Service- Now implementation approach for their organization.

Headquartered in the Minneapolis and serving customers worldwide, Virteva services help our customers say “Yes” to the wide spectrum of information technology demanded by their business, employees and customers, securely and reliably, anyplace and anytime.

Today’s dynamic range of IT business technolo- gies requires saying “Yes” to the cloud of Devices (tablets, smartphones and mobile end-user technologies) Servers (virtual com- pute, storage and networks) and Services (SaaS, collaboration and social media).

Saying “Yes” on a 24×7 basis, Virteva’s state-of-the-art Operations Center runs on ITSM best practices and tools from ServiceNow, Cisco, Microsoft and other leading technology providers.

Service Desk Diagram


ManagedNow Services from Virteva delivers faster time to ServiceNow maturity, lower cost to deploy and a proven on-going management practice. Say YES to Virteva’s ManagedNow Services.

  • “I need my ServiceNow platform to meet my dynamic business requirements while adhering to best practices for operations and support”
  • “I need faster deployments for enhancements”
  • “I need service level and cost predictability”
  • And I need all of these to be managed in a streamlined, collaborative fashion.

Introducing ManagedNow. For a set monthly fee our ManagedNow Service can provide the full life-cycle of platform management services including design, development and administration support – enabling customers to maximize their ServiceNow investment. The secret to our success lies in three core components: our customer engagement process; our IP library; and our end-to-end DevOps delivery methodology.


Working Together

Virteva’s DevOps methodology is a means not an end. It starts with an efficient business intake phase where ServiceNow-related customer requests are captured, assessed and prioritized for input into the Design and Development phase. From there, our ServiceNow operations team is engaged, collaborating to yield faster release cycles and seamless deployment of new enhancements. The final phase is applying our industry leading operations
& support capability to our customers’ ServiceNow environment. The result is optimum return on our customers’ ServiceNow investment.

Virteva IP Library

Leveraging Best Practices

By leveraging ManagedNow, Virteva’s clients not only gain access to our powerful DevOps engine but our entire IP library of architectures, design specifications, pre-built ServiceNow components and service delivery workflows. If it’s a common problem, chances are we have not only deployed it, but are effectively managing it.

ManagedNow Features & Benefits

Whether you are spinning up ServiceNow for the first time or you need help with your existing environment, Virteva’s ManagedNow Services can help you reach Day-One maturity faster, reduce OpEx costs, or both.

Virteva’s ManagedNow Services enable your organization to say YES to:

  • Pre-built, mature ServiceNow environments ready for immediate turn-up
  • Professional implementation, development and administration services
  • Access to our library of ServiceNow forms and workflows
  • Best practice engagement processes backed by established Service Levels
  • Faster turnaround for support and enhancements requests
  • Road-mapping services that ensure application relevance and alignment to business priorities
  • IT automation and self-service
  • Improved customer satisfaction

ServiceNow managed services - DevOps and IP Library



Virteva’s SelectSourcing™ framework helps you configure the managed IT service solution to fit your specific business needs. Leveraging internal resources and best-in-class service providers.

Thanks to the “Cloud” and the plethora of IT-as-a-Service options, selective outsourcing, or SelectSourcing™, has emerged as the pragmatic approach to delivering Multi-Sourced Managed IT Services. Whether you choose a single application, your entire IT infrastructure or something in between, Virteva can implement the optimal mix of providers and services to create the efficiencies of scale that drive your IT costs down and drive your business forward.

Freedom in a Framework

Services in core sectors are strategically sourced from leading service providers or internal teams, and the coordination among the six areas is provided by Virteva as a Prime Contractor. Cloud services, Managed Services, Hosting and Collocation Services are routinely combined to provide the optimal mix and desired level of performance, security and control. The resulting composite IT platform is deployed and managed by Virteva using our SelectSourcing™ methodology, tools and governance framework. The above diagram shows the six core sectors, their relation to Internal IT and the organizations C-level executive.

SelectSourcing_Service_CombinationsUnlike traditional IT outsourcing models, SelectSourcing™ is designed to keep you in control of your technology environment. Rather than expecting you to hand over your entire IT workload, Virteva helps you choose which part of the technology environment to source externally, and then we help you decide how, and to what extent, you share responsibility with Virteva and other service providers. Whether you need onsite or remote management, whether you want to offload all or part of your IT environment, Virteva will build a SelectSourcing™ solution that meets your specific business requirements.

In an Enterprise environment, cost reduction is likely the number one driver for SelectSourcing™. By utilizing this approach to IT service delivery, your staff can focus on business innovation rather than IT maintenance and your budget will be more stable and predictable over a longer period of time. Our subject matter experts and senior level consultants stay current on the latest technology for security, services, and standards. We can help your employees enhance their skills and adapt to the constantly changing IT environment. SelectSourcing™ has major ramifications for how enterprises procure and provide IT resources to their organizations and dramatically changes the role and behavior of the IT department and CIO. The timing of globalized business demands, generational skill shifts, improved infrastructure and a changing technology vendor landscape are all factors driving this model forward.

SelectSourcing™ Includes:

  • Operating Level Agreements
  • A Customized Governance Framework
  • ITIL-based service delivery processes
  • Best-in-class service providers
  • IT outsourcing contract negotiation
  • On-going SLA management
  • Business and IT Analyst Services
  • Compliance Management

Service Integration: Bringing IT All Together

SelectSourcing™ will help you make IT cost less and work better.

Virteva serves as a single point of accountability so you can gain best-in-class capabilities using leading service providers and internal resources.

SelectSourcing™ Benefits:

  • Reduced IT spend
  • Increased system availability
  • Service Level Guarantees
  • Predictable monthly fees
  • Focus diverted to innovation rather than IT maintenance
  • Imbedded IT Systems Management (ITSM) Framework
  • Retain key employees by promoting them to more strategic roles


Email remains the single most critical system in most businesses today. It is the backbone for communications inside and is the primary collaboration tool and the core platform for unified communications in most organizations.

As a result, messaging and collaboration platforms today include Cloud-based solutions – Office365 and Google Apps, the stalwart Exchange, SharePoint, Outlook, browser-based clients, archiving and backup tools, Lync®, mobile access, anti-virus and anti-spam. Active Directory (AD) and other IDAM tools are intrinsically linked to and underlie this suite of applications. Enterprise email and collaboration platforms have become very complex and represent the most vulnerable attack point in today’s cyber threat world.

Virteva’s Managed Exchange® Service provides complete management and monitoring, and administration of each client’s unique messaging and collaboration platform in addition to optional features that will customize the service in a way that works best for your business. Virteva charter is to improve performance, functionality and security while reducing your overall operational costs.

Benefits to the IT Organization

IT organizations immediately gain efficiency and maturity around their email environments. IT employees “get their lives back” by receiving 24x7x365 support and don’t have to spend nights and weekends on-call. Our services and run books are designed to integrate seamlessly with internal IT processes and applications.

IT staff members can move beyond day-to-day reactive tactical tasks associated with email, and focus on more strategic duties that help employees and lines of business be more productive with key messaging applications.

  • Lower IT costs
  • Improved service levels
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Fixed monthly fees
  • Expert technical support
  • 24x7x365 coverage
  • Mobile device support
  • Advanced anti-virus and anti-spam capabilities
  • Location independent

“The Cloud” May Not Always Be The Answer

The reality is that many businesses have complex IT environments, have already made significant investments in premise-based systems, and often have requirements that preclude them from deploying key systems in the cloud, especially messaging environments.

Virteva’s Messaging System management service enables customers to experience the operational convenience, cost savings and support levels of a hosted “public cloud” solution while keeping their data on-premise and under their control in a “private cloud”.

Virteva’s systems remotely monitor Exchange Servers in the customers datacenter or collocation facility, sending key alerts and performance metrics to the Virteva Network Operations Centers where certified experts proactively manage and administer the environment on a 24x7x365 basis.

The Virteva solution improves availability, assures security and performance of the environment while reducing the cost and time necessary to maintain it.

Managing Messaging Platforms is Expensive

A typical IT staff member charged with managing Exchange® in a large organization can support an average of 1,500 users, although many organizations require more IT staff to manage the underlying servers, storage and network systems. Using industry average compensation rates, the cost of IT labor just to manage Exchange® is approximately $53 per user per year, or $4.42 per user per month – just for IT labor alone. Economies of scale allow Virteva to provide Email/Messaging management services for much less on a per user basis.

In-Depth Application Monitoring

Virteva’s Exchange® monitoring systems have superior depth and breadth of key application performance metrics. With more than 100,000 seats under management, our monitoring goes beyond the arbitrary thresholds to select ones that fit each customers’ needs and systems environment. This translates into the best possible end-user experience and reduces troubleshooting and problem resolution time.

Server, Storage and Network Monitoring

As a typical option, Virteva can also monitor the status and performance of server, storage and network hardware. Our technical experience with all major hardware vendors enables us to deliver unparalleled visibility into critical device metrics and assist in capacity planning.

Automation and Security

Changes can be scheduled according to customer time frames, eliminating interference with server availability and aligning with established change management processes. We work with customers who have global presence and can establish change windows to meet local time zones and individual business unit requirements.

Meaningful Reporting and Analysis

Virteva’s Exchange® engineers have upgraded over 400,000 seats of Exchange® and use industry best-practices to deliver predictive analysis and capacity planning recommendations as your messaging and collaboration platform grows and changes. Reports can be run ad-hoc and are provided on a monthly basis.

Win-Win Support Model

Virteva’s unique support model is designed to strengthen and improve your environment as it matures. Our frontline support team works 24x7x365 to solve alerts and issues as they arise while our expert Engineers work proactively to optimize and harden the environment to maximize performance and minimize disruptions. This continuous improvement model makes both our jobs easier.



Virteva can support your IT systems in place (customer premises, Third Party Colo – Data Center, Cloud) with our 24×7 Operations Center and Service Desk complimented by technicians and consultants dispatched on-demand or deployed on customer site. Virteva’s state-of-the-art blend of people, process and technology deliver SLA-based consistent, fixed-fee support for the IT systems that run your business.

Virteva has expertise in running IT systems regardless of their location. We use a suite of the best monitoring and management tools to proactively alert us 24x7x365 days a year for issues that could impact the health of your systems. Our technicians can remotely diagnose your systems and take appropriate action. Supported systems include servers, routers, firewalls, load balancers, switches, direct attached storage, network attached storage and storage area networks in addition to backup systems.

When on-site resources are needed, Virteva has a network of over 20,000 technicians world-wide that can provide the required levels of hands-on support in combination with ‘air-cover’ from our 24×7 staff and remote access tools.

Your Place or Other – Public Cloud and Third Party Data Center Management

For many reasons, businesses now need a secondary datacenter facility. Whether it’s for Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Business Continuity or Geographic Load Balancing, the need exists for a single rack, multiple racks, a cage or an entire facility to locate some or all of your critical IT systems. Virteva doesn’t own datacenter facilities and therefore has a unique 3rd party view when it comes to helping our customers select the right facilityto meet their needs. Our legacy business is managing IT systems in 3rd party datacenters and within our customer’s datacenters. Virteva was divested from Agiliti, a datacenter and managed hosting provider, in 2005 as part of Agiliti’s sale to Vericenter (now SunGard). The experience building from scratch, and running a Tier III datacenter facility gives us unique insights into the design, reliability and costs associated with datacenter providers in the market today.

Virteva will perform the needs assessment, craft RFPs on our customer’s behalf and help mhoose the most appropriate solution to complement their internal assets and meet their needs. Once a Cloud provider or Data Center is selected, Virteva can design the IT systems to take advantage of this new mode of capability, create the project plan to make the conversion, and execute the project. For those customers who choose not to acquire and retain the operations expertise Virteva can run part or all of the operations after the conversion has taken place.



Virteva can provide the appropriate mix of managed services and manage all or a part of your infrastructure to perfectly compliment your internal and other vendor partners capabilities. Our sophisticated ServiceNow based ITSM platform support any part of the ITIL service support processes.


Let the specialists do it

The fast-paced change in the Information Technology field means that IT-related tasks are best left to specialists. Information Technology outsourcing and Managed IT Services are growing at a rapid rate in the United States because businesses understand that it’s a strategic way to achieve goals, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Just as your company currently outsources such services as legal, payroll, and HR services, managed IT Services simply extends the “have a specialist do it” mindset to another critical internal function that is many times too cost-prohibitive, complex, and unwieldy to manage with in-house resources.

Virteva’s Service Desk Outsourcing Service is a comprehensive solution that provides everything needed to support your End User Computing environment. Companies of all sizes and vertical markets can benefit from Virteva’s Service Desk Solution.


Unless you enjoy replacing staff every 93 days.


24 x 7 or 5:00pm – 9:00am, but always 365

Virteva never sleeps

Virteva specializes in providing 24×7 live Help Desk/Service Desk support.

When your lights go off, ours go on!

When your in-house service desk shuts down, just flip a switch to link up to ours. We’ll cover all of your non-business hours so your IT staff doesn’t have to worry about evening or weekend emergencies.

FULL OR PARTIAL COVERAGE, Virteva delivers fixed-fee monthly managed IT services, financially backed by industry leading Service Level Agreements with performance guarantees.

Data Mining

Let Virteva discover the gold in the dross of your IT issues.

While any MSP can solve IT problems, Virteva takes it a step further and analyses your IT support tickets, searching for recurring issues and patterns. In this way, we can identify systemic problems and assist your company in developing organization-wide solutions.

Cost – Benefit Curious?

Trim your IT Expenditures by 25% or more

The services Virteva provides allow businesses to utilize specialized expertise that would otherwise be too expensive to maintain in-house. Virteva offers access to teams of IT professionals that provide both ongoing and critical point-in-time support for the most prevalent IT systems in production today. Gain a technological edge over your competition and see User satisfaction and productivity increase along with key indicators such as first call resolution (FCR) rates.

By leveraging the economies of scale and the economies of skill from Virteva, our customers gain access to not only a Help Desk to address problems, they also gain access to an enterprise-class technical Service Desk at a fraction of the cost. Costs such as recruiting, training, vacation, sick days, and turnover, as well as investments in deploying tools and processes, are partially or completely avoided when using Virteva’s Managed IT Services.

A study by CompTIA, Trends in Managed Services, revealed that among current users of managed IT services, 46% of firms have trimmed their annual IT expenditures by 25% or more as a result of their shift to managed services.

How We Help Customers

Service Desk Diagram

As your Single Point of Contact for all End User Computing related issues, Virteva takes pride in our Managed IT Services expertise, and in the level of knowledge we have about each of our customers’ businesses.

Virteva’s Service Desk team offers many valuable business advantages:

  • Our 70% First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate, and our Service Desk engineers are considered a Level-2 or Level-3 support team in many organizations
  • Our customers experience savings of 25% or more verses traditional staffing models
  • We provide Service Desk reporting and analytics highlighting recurring pain points in your organization along with proven remediation options
  • We record every call for training, quality and trend analysis for compliance purposes
  • We have a state-of-the-art Cisco Call Manager environment that efficiently managed our call handling procedures
  • We leverage Calabrio One suite for quality management and reporting analytics
  • Bi-directional integration of Incident Management allows us to become a virtual extension of your IT team
  • We can remotely control end user devices if necessary
  • Our proactive use of Knowledge Management allows us to support the requirements of each customer and basic questions for their unique line-of-business applications